BASF introduced new compounds for underground construction at the World Congress in Dubai

MasterRoc TSG 800 facilitates safe tunneling at lower flow rates MasterRoc SLF 50 improves excavation efficiency
In April 2018, at the World Congress of the International Tunnel Association (ITA-AITES), BASF, the world's leading manufacturer of construction chemicals, introduced the MasterRoc TSG 800 fireproof grease. The novelty is an innovative development of the company for tunneling operations.

"The special chemical composition of MasterRoc TSG 800 simultaneously increases the safety and efficiency of excavation in underground construction. Grease has a reduced density, which allows you to reduce the consumption of material when working on sites. This fact will significantly affect the economic performance of construction projects, "explained Wolfgang Aldrian, head of the technical service division of products for the underground construction of BASF.

In addition, the congress is presented with a new air conditioner for soil, which provides a higher stability. MasterRoc SLF 50, which is a new generation of conditioning agents, was created specifically to increase productivity when tunneling in difficult ground conditions. It forms a foam with high half-life, which helps maintain pressure in the work area. The use of this air conditioner saves energy by reducing the torque on the rotor, as well as optimizing the excavation and reducing the wear of the cutting head.

MasterRoc SLF 50 has been successfully used in the construction of a two-story automobile tunnel 2,963 meters long along the seafront of Seattle (USA) as part of the project to build a new road artery connecting the southern and northern parts of the city.
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