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Testosterone in the mail

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Testosterone in the mail

Employees of the Rostov customs have found the preparations limited to import

During the operative-search activities, the Rostov customs officers received information on the mailing of mail items from the Republic of Belarus addressed to Russian citizens residing in the city of Gukovo with possible content of controlled substances.

During the processing of the information obtained, operatives at various post offices in Gukovo recorded the facts of receiving international mail data. At the autopsy it was found that in the packages there are preparations in various dosage forms.

The drugs were withdrawn and sent for examination. According to the conclusion of the specialist of the regional branch of CECTU in Rostov-on-Don, seized preparations contained testosterone propyanate, oxandrolone and stanozolol, which are potent substances.

In accordance with the current legislation, medicines containing such substances could be imported into the Russian Federation for personal use by individuals only if there are documents confirming their appointment to a physical person by a doctor, indicating the exact amount.

In the course of the searches conducted by the Rostov customs office in the dwelling of the defendants, with the assistance of the employees of the cynological department of the customs, additional potent substances, including testosterone, methandienone, oxymetalone, as well as proof of their illegal importation in international postal items were found and seized.

According to the above facts, Rostov Customs initiated 4 criminal cases under Part 1 of Art. 226.1 of the Criminal Code. The materials of the cases were forwarded to the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Gukovo, the persons are notified of suspicion, an investigation is under way.

The total mass seized by the results of operational-investigative measures of potent substances was 223.5 g.

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