Ilari Huyryunen leaves Tikkurila -

Ilari Huyryunen leaves Tikkurila

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Ilari Huyryunen leaves Tikkurila

CEO of Tikkurila Russia decided to leave the company

Ilari Huyrynen, CEO of Tikkurila, Russia decided to leave the company no later than July 9, 2018 and continue his career outside the group.

Mr. Hyyryunen joined Tikkurila in February 2003. For 15 years, Hilari has replaced several positions in Finland, Poland and Russia.

"I thank Hilary for the commitment of Tikkurila for many years. Ilari made a significant contribution to the development of our business in Finland and at the Group level, as well as business operations in Poland and Russia. On behalf of the Tikkurila Board, I wish Ilari all the best, "says Yanno Payu, Senior Vice President, Sales.

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Ilari Hyyrynen

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