Domodedovo will recognize the faces -

Domodedovo will recognize the faces

Domodedovo will recognize the faces

Domodedovo will introduce automated face detection into the airport security system

Moscow airport Domodedovo completed the pilot testing of automated face recognition. According to the test results, the accuracy of identification was more than 90%.
Moscow airport Domodedovo completed the pilot testing of automated face recognition. According to the test results, the accuracy of identification was more than 90%. The system was installed on one of the entrance groups of the terminal. For testing, a special database of photos of airport employees was created. The system analyzed the data of real passenger traffic with the help of video cameras and identified persons from the database in the frame, and also analyzed archive video. It is assumed that the implemented recognition technology will be used by both the airport security service and law enforcement agencies. Within the framework of the pilot project, one of the solutions was provided by a group of HiTech companies. The testing used the AnyVision technology, which was used as the basis for the development of the Russian Videotec Face Detection System.

"The project is aimed at technological development of the airport security system. We expect to use the professional experience and competencies of contractors who develop face recognition technologies in the Russian market. As part of the procedure for selecting a supplier, a tender will be held, "said Denis Yarygin, Managing Director of Domodedovo IT Services, a single provider of IT services for the airport. Sergei Chernykh, General Director of Videotec, noted: "The introduction of innovative technologies to improve airport security is a global trend associated with the steady growth of world passenger traffic. According to recent estimates, it is almost 4 billion people a year. Of course, Russia is no exception in its desire to improve security in air transport with the help of modern IT solutions. "

24.04.2018 05:50:43
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HiTech is a Russian system integrator

23.10.2018 10:48:33

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A Greek merchant ship built more than 2,400 years ago was discovered lying on its side off the Bulgarian coast.
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The Biblical Museum reported that five Dead Sea Scrolls are fake

The US Bible Museum removed fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls from the exposition, after tests showed that they were fakes
23.10.2018 09:30:44

Death of hasoggi

Turkish President promised to reveal the “bare truth” about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul
23.10.2018 08:38:38

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22.10.2018 08:53:55

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