Europe can increase gas consumption -

Europe can increase gas consumption

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Europe can increase gas consumption

Europe may need new gas pipelines

The deputy chairman of the board of the gas holding Alexander Medvedev on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel said: "Gazprom" expects that Sweden will issue a permit for the construction of the "Nord Stream-2" until the end of April. "

Also, Alexander Medvedev said that it is possible to expand cooperation with the European Union: "If Europe declares its needs and is ready to sign the necessary contracts, I do not rule out that new gas transportation projects will be needed: the Nord Stream-3, for example."

24.04.2018 17:30:14

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Alexander Ivanovich Medvedev

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22.05.2018 06:18:20

A press conference was held at the Interfax-South news agency

Results of the press conference of the head of the Southern Customs Administration S.V. Pashko
21.05.2018 13:13:10

Anna Shvidnova at the conference "Anti-Crisis PR-2018: Protection of Reputation and Working with the Negative"

"Parallel reality as a win-win way to combat the negative, or the strategy of the blue ocean in the service of anti-crisis PR"
21.05.2018 09:06:00

Russian-German talks in Sochi

Vladimir Putin received in the Sochi residence Bocharov Creek Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.
21.05.2018 08:41:57

Press the SOS button

"ERA-GLONASS" accepted and processed 1 million emergency calls
17.05.2018 09:02:00

Online delivery services are gaining momentum

The market of delivery in restaurants has grown on 19% for last 12 months