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Gadgets for children "ARCHOS Junior"

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Gadgets for children "ARCHOS Junior"

Devices for the youngest users

ARCHOS, the European manufacturer of mobile devices and smart gadgets, presents the line of ARCHOS Junior, which consists of devices for the youngest users: a tablet for children from 3 years old and a smartphone for children from 7 years. The gadgets have a hardware configuration optimized, and they have a special set of applications: parental controls and Qustodio web page filter, search engine, educational applications (for learning languages, science and art), software for listening to music, watching video, programming. ARCHOS Junior Tab and Phone devices will be available in Europe in June 2018 at a price of € 79.99, including VAT.

When it comes to choosing the first tablet for a child, parents have a lot of questions. How to control how much time a child spends on a gadget? How to make sure that he does not use the tablet or phone after he went to bed? How can I be sure that he will not see pages that are not intended for him? How can I choose content that matches age? Those who choose a smartphone, there are other questions: how to help the child at his first steps in social networks and how to protect him from dangerous online dating?

All these questions and doubts are fully justified, and therefore the ARCHOS team took a responsible approach to selecting the tools and programs best suited for children. We worked with our partners to ensure that new children's devices guaranteed the benefits and safety on the one hand, and that parents liked it, and on the other hand they allowed the young owners to work with the tablet and the smartphone independently, with family or friends, without falling into dependence on digital technology.

Optimized hardware

The devices ARCHOS Junior Tab and Phone are equipped with everything necessary for a children's gadget: a quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of permanent memory for programs and data (it can be expanded with a microSD card). The diagonal of the screen on the tablet is 10.1 inches, and the smartphone has 5 inches, both devices have a screen resolution that is optimal for web surfing, working with applications, photos and video. In addition, the tablet and smartphone have on board two cameras, a battery capacity of 4000 and 2000 mAh, respectively, a large set of sensors and connectors that will provide maximum comfort to users both at home and on the road.

Optimized content

In addition to the software restriction modes, which can be easily adjusted according to the child's age directly from the Google Android operating system, in particular in the Google Play settings, the ARCHOS Junior Tab and Phone devices carry additional solutions targeted at young users:

Parental control

For parents, it is important to control how much time the children spend in front of the screen, as well as the quality of the content that they can access.

ARCHOS offers the opportunity for the customers of Junior Tab and Phone to use Qustodio for free within one year (the usual subscription price is € 42.95 / year).

Qustodio is the leading parental control application that has already been downloaded by more than 1.5 million users around the world. It allows you to determine how much time and when during the day a child can use a tablet or smartphone. In the personal cabinet accessible from a smartphone or PC, parents can monitor the child's digital activity, control and manage the settings of Junior Tab and Phone, and receive the necessary information with a single click. Thus, children will be protected from a growing number of threats, such as inappropriate content, online harassment, cybercrime, and painful attachment to digital devices.

Safe Search Engine

Qwant Junior is a search engine for children. It does not violate confidentiality and at the same time helps them to learn the world and share knowledge. Thanks to it, access to the Internet is provided through a modern, fast and, above all, a secure browser. Qwant Junior's technology guarantees that children will not get caught by the sites and content that are not intended for them. If a child tries to open a page with unacceptable content, Qwant Junior blocks access to it and explains that this content does not match their age and that they should apply for permission to an adult. For the safety of small users, large online video platforms are also available only in limited mode. However, in accordance with the main principles of Qwant - this application does not collect personal data.


The Youtube Kids application was developed specifically for children who will use it to securely access their favorite cartoons and documentaries, music videos. It also allows parents to create multiple profiles based on the age of the children in the family, determine which content can be accessed or inaccessible to them and for how long.

Apps for study and entertainment

Since there are many children's applications and parents can not always easily figure out which one to stop, ARCHOS preinstalled a set of software for the devices of the Junior line. These programs will allow children to have fun, learning languages, math, drawing, the basics of programming.

Availability and price

Sales of devices ARCHOS Junior Tab and Phone will start in June 2018 on the site and in stores distributors ARCHOS in Europe at a price of € 79.99.

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