Mobile application with "alarm button" -

Mobile application with "alarm button"

Mobile application with "alarm button"

The development of a system of assistance and coordination of emergency services for emergencies in premises with a large number of people

In accordance with the instructions of Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, GLONASS JSC starts developing a system of assistance and coordination of emergency services in emergency situations in rooms with a large number of people.

The system will be implemented on the basis of existing technologies as a software solution for smartphones and tablets. The mobile application will allow to determine a person's location in buildings even in the absence of a GLONASS / GPS signal; Provide a service for navigating the territory of buildings and information relevant to the location of the user; to search for people on the territory of the building.

"Our system will work as follows: each person will be able to install on his phone or tablet mobile application with an" alarm button. " In case of an emergency - fire, attack, etc. - the owner of the device can click on it. The coordinates of the person who needs help, as well as the details of the incident, will be instantly transferred to emergency services for prompt response, - comments Arkady Zaikin, and. about. General Director of JSC "GLONASS". "Thus, rescuers will have accurate information about the whereabouts of people who need help." To date, indoor positioning technology allows you to determine the coordinates with an accuracy of 2 meters - this is quite enough. Also, alerts will be distributed about the emergency situation to those who are in close proximity to them. Of course, this application will be free. "

In addition to locating in a given room, the software developed by GLONASS will display the nearest evacuation exits, the location of fire extinguishers and first-aid kits on the map, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to conduct emergency situations and first aid.

"A special software product will be developed for employees of emergency services. On a detailed map of the business center, mall, school or other premises where an emergency situation occurs, the rescuers will see exactly where the people are. - says Arkady Zaikin. "The headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or other services involved in responding to an emergency situation will promptly receive information about the fact of an emergency, its nature, location, the estimated number of victims, the need for medical care."

The implementation of a full-scale solution of GLONASS will allow EMERCOM structures to interactively manage rescue teams, displaying the actions of each employee on the map, improving the efficiency of searching for and assisting victims, analyzing the correctness and efficiency of each employee, monitoring the implementation of internal regulations and instructions for firefighting and other emergencies , as well as provide first medical aid remotely before the arrival of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and doctors, which will reduce human victims or avoid them at all.

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Operator of the state automated information system ERA-GLONASS

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