New Acer projectors already in M.Video -

New Acer projectors already in M.Video

Started exclusive sales of three models of projectors Acer

New Acer projectors already in M.Video

Acer announces the launch of sales in stores of the M.Video network of three new projectors, including two entry-level models optimized for office use, the P1150 and P1250, as well as the premium UHD projector for the M550 home theater.

Projectors P1150 and P1250 are great for demonstrating presentations even in well-lit rooms, and they can also be used successfully at home for watching movies. The Acer M550 projector is one of the most affordable 4K / UHD models on the market with the highest brightness and contrast, as well as a crystal clear and natural image. It will be an excellent component of home theater. All three models will be sold in Russia exclusively in the stores of the M.Video network.

Acer P1150 / P1250

The projectors Acer P1150 and P1250 combine enough for office and home use image quality with high brightness, a large number of functions and low cost. The P1150 model projects an image in SVGA resolution (800 x 600), and the P1250 received an XGA (1024 x 768) matrix. Both options are ideal for demonstrating presentations or watching videos.

Projectors automatically determine the installation mode (table or ceiling mount) and flip the image, and correct vertical trapezoidal distortions. It's enough just to adjust the focus, the rest of the projectors will do it themselves.

Using in both projectors lamps with a light flux of up to 3,600 lumens allows you to view presentations and videos even in artificial or natural lighted rooms. In this case, LumiSense ™ technology analyzes the image frame by frame and adjusts the image settings to improve the readability of details in dark areas of the picture. DynamicBlack ™ Dynamic Dynamic Correction System allows you to achieve the deepest black color through contrast enhancement to a level of 20,000: 1.

Acer ColorSafe II ™ technology adjusts the color settings as the projector lamp ages and compensates for the shift of the spectrum to the yellow part, so the color reproduction of the image will always be accurate even if the lamp has worked several thousand hours.

Projectors Acer P1150 and P1250 are equipped with built-in speakers, so that the exit event, users do not have to carry a column. You can transfer images to projectors not only through all common wired interfaces, but also via Wi-Fi (the adapter is purchased separately), including from smartphones or computers. Models also support the simultaneous output of images from several sources, which is especially useful when discussing projects together.

Especially for home movies and animated films, the Acer P1150 and P1250 support the output of a 3D image (the shutter glasses are purchased separately). To compensate for the loss of brightness and chromaticity in 3D mode, Acer ColorBoost 3D ™ technology increases saturation to 30%, extending the depth and range of output colors.

Acer M550

Acer M550 is specially designed to view high-quality content at home. All used in the projector technology Acer aimed at increasing the clarity, brightness, color accuracy and saturation of the image. M550 is able to replace modern 4K-TVs, as it projects a picture with a diagonal of 120 inches without loss of quality. The 0.66-inch matrix of the UHD DMD projector creates an image with a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels. DynamicBlack ™ technology analyzes the output image and changes the brightness of the projector lamp to achieve a dynamic contrast level of up to 900000: 1. Therefore, even the most complex movie scenes when viewed on the Acer M550 will not lose their artistic effectiveness.

Ultra-high resolution reduces the effective light output of the projectors, but the Acer M550 has a lamp that provides a brightness of up to 2,900 lumens - you do not have to wait for nightfall or draw curtains tightly to enjoy a high-quality, bright image. In this case, the lamp life is up to 15 thousand hours, which significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the projector in the future.

Acer M550 is able to give new life to older movies: Super Resolution ™ Engine increases the detail of the source in low resolution, giving the video 4K clarity. And technology Acer AcuMotion ™ allows to increase realism and smoothness of movements in a frame at the expense of addition of additional intermediate shots. Thus, the image gets rid of the blur and flicker, characteristic of dynamic scenes in rollers with a frequency of 25 frames per second.

The projector Acer M550 is HDR-compatible, and therefore using the appropriate mode, the picture on the screen will play full color, and the viewer will enjoy the game of light and shadow, not available for projectors and televisions without HDR support.

Support for Rec. 2020, recommended for the organization of UHDTV broadcasting, provides the correct display of colors and gamut of the image. The viewer will see on the screen exactly those colors and shades, which were conceived by the author of the video.

The Acer M550 has two speakers, a power of 5 watts each, the sound of which will not be covered by the noise of the fan - the cooling system of the projector produces a sound in the range from 19 dBA to 26 dBA.

The UHD image is transferred to the projector via the HDMI 2.0 interface, an optional high-speed Wi-Fi module is also available, capable of receiving video from the computer at a resolution of 3480 x 2160 pixels without delay.

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