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Yandex and JivoSite

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Yandex and JivoSite

Chat with companies in the SERP

April 26, 2018, Yandex and JivoSite business-messenger are glad to present a new opportunity - snippet "chat with the company" in the search results. Now customers can contact the support or consultant of the online store and the site where the JivoSite chat is installed, without going to the site.
JivoSite and Yandex teamed up to make communication between organizations and people accessible and simple, as in the usual messenger. Users of "Yandex" do not have to go to the site to make a purchase and ask a question, and businesses can reduce their sales funnel by getting leads straight from the search.

To connect the chat in the search, register in Jivo and set the chat code on the site. And if you have already installed a chat, then connect it to "Yandex" in the settings of the application Jivo. Add a site to Yandex.Webmaster and create a dialogue in Yandex.Dialogues. In the Jivo knowledge base, all the steps of connecting "Chat with the company" are described in detail. Once connected, you can enable or disable the chat in the search, add an automatic response, prompts, icon, specify the organization's running time and limit the number of pages on which the chat will be displayed.

JivoSite is a business messenger for chatting with clients on the website, social networks and instant messengers, by e-mail and telephone. The leader in the number of installations on sites in Russia (by the number of installations per sites, ITrack, December 2017). 8 million dialogues pass through JivoSite monthly. Business messenger works on all modern devices, supports its customers 24/7 by phone and chat. You can register and become a Jivo user on the site.

"Yandex" - search №1 in Russia (by the number of transitions to the sites from the search issue.) LiveInternet, June 2017)

04.05.2018 08:48:35

Упоминаемые компании


22.05.2018 06:18:20

A press conference was held at the Interfax-South news agency

Results of the press conference of the head of the Southern Customs Administration S.V. Pashko
21.05.2018 13:13:10

Anna Shvidnova at the conference "Anti-Crisis PR-2018: Protection of Reputation and Working with the Negative"

"Parallel reality as a win-win way to combat the negative, or the strategy of the blue ocean in the service of anti-crisis PR"
21.05.2018 09:06:00

Russian-German talks in Sochi

Vladimir Putin received in the Sochi residence Bocharov Creek Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.
21.05.2018 08:41:57

Press the SOS button

"ERA-GLONASS" accepted and processed 1 million emergency calls
17.05.2018 09:02:00

Online delivery services are gaining momentum

The market of delivery in restaurants has grown on 19% for last 12 months