Online hospitals and doctors -

Online hospitals and doctors

Online hospitals and doctors

The network of medical laboratories "Gemotest" integrates with "Online Doctor"

LLC "Mobile Medical Technologies" (MMT) and LLC "Laboratory Hemotest" announced the integration, which within the targeted programs will allow users across Russia not only to remotely consult doctors, but also to undergo laboratory tests without additional payment.
Within the framework of cooperation, the partners developed 20 special programs, including the most demanded research complexes, such as a complete annual screening for adults and children, general laboratory screening, Biochemistry and Early Diagnosis of Atherosclerosis. Complexes of diagnostic studies will be included in insurance products.

Users will be able not only to remotely consult with a doctor on insurance, but also to receive a referral to the research at the offices of "Laboratory Hemotest" throughout Russia without binding to a particular clinic or region. Research will be included in the cost of insurance, the results of analyzes will be available to the user in his personal account.

The cost of an annual insurance with a basic set of laboratory tests will be from 3 thousand rubles, it includes an unlimited number of consultations with a therapist or pediatrician, a general urine test and a general blood test with a leukocyte formula.

Complexes of laboratory research will be included in retail MMT products and will be sold in retail networks, such as M.Video. One of these products will be a package for the integrated control and maintenance of good physical fitness for men and women. Each of its purchasers will be able to receive consultations of a therapist, undergo a laboratory study that includes all the hormonal parameters that affect weight, consult with a doctor and get the full recommendation of a specialist taking into account these analyzes.

Approximate retail value of such a product will be about 8-9 thousand rubles. The buyer will have access to an unlimited number of consultations of the on-call therapist. Only laboratory studies included in this complex are worth 6 thousand rubles for their independent purchase, and every consultation of a doctor in the Moscow region will cost about 1,500 rubles on average.

"Such integration is another step towards the accessibility of high technologies in laboratory diagnostics to patients from regions, especially from small settlements. The project significantly expands the opportunities for on-line interaction between the doctor and the patient, "said Olga Abramovich, executive director of the Laboratory of Hemotest. - Thanks to integration, the doctor remotely assigns a comprehensive study to the patient, that is, he creates an online order that goes directly to the laboratory department. It is sufficient for the patient to simply name the order number before submitting the biomaterial. "

When developing the analysis complexes for the integration project, "Hemotest" relied on its own analytical data. In total, the laboratory performs more than 55 million tests per year. The basis of the business of Laboratory Hemotest is orders of private clients: this segment gives 83% of the company's sales volume, which in 2016 amounted to 3.4 billion rubles. The most popular among patients is not the first year is a comprehensive study of blood biochemistry and the "Hospital Complex", which includes the diagnosis of major dangerous infections.

According to statistics, for 3 years of MMT services, laboratory research is recommended for about 80% of users. During the consultation, the doctor must collect a detailed medical history, including based on the results of general clinical and biochemical blood and urine tests, in some cases - these specialized high-tech studies. To date, about 85% of online calls come from Russian regions, while about 70% of all service users turn to on-call therapists and pediatricians.

To launch integration with laboratories, MMT created its own micro service MMTLAB, a cloud-based solution for sending and receiving data from laboratories in real time. The solution adapts to various IT infrastructures and allows you to adjust the data transfer rate from each connected partner.

"In Russia, a huge number of cities where there are not enough qualified doctors, and a bunch of" doctor - research "- the optimal combination of services, and it is very in demand. In the emerging telemedicine market, it is important to constantly develop a range of services. Cooperation with the "Laboratory of Hemotest" is a unique partnership that allows us to provide medical support throughout the country, "commented Denis Yudchits, co-founder and CEO of MMT.

In the world practice there are already examples of such integrations. The US telemedicine project Teladoc launched cooperation with Analyte Health laboratories in early 2017, where therapists and users of the online service are available the results of tests to confirm the alleged diagnosis. The largest laboratory networks of the USA Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp gave access to the appointment and receipt of test results for the clients of the telemedicine provider Doctor on Demand.

The cooperation between MMT and Gemotest serves as an example of technological changes in the industry, which give the population the opportunity to receive not only consultative medical support using telemedicine technologies, but also to resolve issues related to the search and referral for necessary examinations. Online Doctor service advises over 150 doctors of 40 medical specialties.

08.05.2018 06:27:46
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Olga Abramovich

Executive Director of "Laboratory Hemotest"

Mobile Medical Technologies (MMT)

Leading Russian developer of online projects in the field of online counseling

"Laboratory of Hemotest"

One of the leaders of laboratory diagnostics in the country

"Online Doctor"

24-hour medical online consultation service

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