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The new generation of scoring models for banks

More than 10 largest retail banks have integrated into their own credit decision systems a new package of scoring models from the Bureau of Credit Histories "Equifax".
In mid-2017, BCI "Equifax" brought to the market a unique system of scoring estimates. It consists of four simultaneously working models, focused on making credit decisions for each individual macro product: consumer credit, credit cards, car loans and POS loans. Due to such a targeted approach, it benefits the entire spectrum of participants in the banking market: from universal to niche players, monolayers.
The model was developed on a huge array of data stored in the BCI "Equifax", the volume of which currently exceeds 260 million credit histories. It was trained throughout the entire economic cycle of Russia and, through this, works with the necessary level of stability in any of its periods.

Top-level indicators of the quality of the model indicate its high sharing ability. Thus, the value of the gini coefficient for all models exceeds 60%, and for some it is close to 70%, and the risk difference in 10% of the best and worst clients is close to 40. These results were achieved due to inclusion of unique, often inaccessible to banks credit history.
"The decision to integrate any additional source of customer information into the credit process is made by us after a thorough assessment of economic feasibility," says Václav Kozmik, head of the scoring department and Big Date Department of scoring and cross-selling risk management. Risk Management Unit, Home Credit Bank. BCI "Equifax" we conducted testing and evaluation of the effect on our stream of applications and found additional advantages for ourselves. This scoring, indeed, has a high sharing ability and has become a good addition to all the information sources we use. "

"The introduction of 4Score allowed us to improve the quality of credit risk assessment while making credit decisions and, due to this, to increase the admirable rate of loan applications," says Sergey Khotimsky, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC Sovcombank. - The use of the service takes into account all our requirements and features of the customer segment and at the same time uses all the strength and variety of market data accumulated in Equifax.
"We have ambitious goals for the growth of retail business, which requires the introduction of fundamentally new approaches to risk management. Scoring "4Score", developed by BCI "Equifax", is an effective and flexible enough tool with a wide range of uses. In particular, we see value from using scoring in the process of making credit decisions on applications for obtaining mortgage loans, "commented Andrei Guletsky, director of retail risk management at Alfa-Bank.

Oleg Lagutkin, General Director of the BCI "Equifax": "We are proud that the new product offered to the market in a short time was literally a consumer product on the market - more than one and a half dozen of our largest partners tested in the shortest possible time and started using it credit processes, receiving a lower profile of credit risk and offering clients more favorable credit conditions. "

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