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"Anti-crisis PR-2018: protection of reputation and work with negative"

"Anti-crisis PR-2018: protection of reputation and work with negative"

Conference for PR-specialists, which will be held by the journal "Press Service" June 7-8 in Moscow

"Anti-crisis PR-2018: protection of reputation and work with negative"

This is the name of the conference for PR-specialists, which will be held by the journal "Press Service" on June 7-8 in Moscow. Two days completely dedicated to the technologies of reputation management, protection from information attacks, counteraction to crisis situations in the information field.

The reports of the best speakers on the most topical issues: - Reputation management, - Protection of the company image in any situations, - Work with negative comments in the network, - Monitoring of the information field in critical cases, - How to work with journalists when the crisis happened, - Crisis planning or how to lay straws - how to resist trolling - reputation management in search engines - patterns of response to negativity - legal practice in dealing with negativity - behavior of employees in social networks: how to protect oneself from problems m, - accidents, injuries at work, scandals, assaults, arrests, searches, harassment and other unpleasant situations and what to do PR people, to save the situation as much as possible.
Only practice, analysis of actual cases, practical recommendations and step-by-step instructions. Among the speakers of the conference: Timur Aslanov, Dmitry Sidorin, Nikita Prochorov, Galina Khatiashvili and others. And, as always, the invariable attribute of the conference is a networking session where all participants will get to know each other on a special technology.

Go to the conference website https://goo.gl/arpzTp, view the program and send an application for the ticket. At early booking there are very pleasant discounts.

Come right now https://goo.gl/arpzTp

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Galina Khatiashvili

Marketing Director of Comunica Agency, Executive Director of Golin Moscow

Dmitry Sidorin

The founder of the Internet agency "Sidorin Lab" and Reputation Lab

Nikita Prokhorov

Project Manager ReputationLab

Timur Aslanov

The founder of the Imidzh-Media publishing house.


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The magazine "Press Service"

Specialized magazine for all who work in the field of public relations

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