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Elena Temnikova participates in the Apple Music Campaign "Notes"

Elena Temnikova participates in the Apple Music Campaign "Notes"

A unique style of visualization of Elena's dance album "TEMNIKOVA III

Elena Temnikova became a part of the Apple Music advertising campaign "Notes". Within the campaign, a unique style of visualization of Elena's dance album "TEMNIKOVA III: Not fashionable" was used. Previously, his personalized Note Music Music received such world stars as Justin Timberlake, Drake, Sam Smith, Cia and Eminem.
Album TEMNIKOVA III became the first full-length album of the singer. Having reached the top of the Apple Music and iTunes Store charts on the first day of the release, and now it continues to take the lead, having received more than 15 million online auditions in just 3 days after the start of sales.

The album included 13 compositions: from the disorderly dip house to R & B and the clap-rap. Elena once again proved that there can be no boundaries in creativity, although she herself is an infrequent guest of prizes and parties and prefers to create a musical product for her listeners, rather than standing in the rays of the spotlights.

For the new album, the singer completely updated her show, which viewers will see only at the end of 2018. But part of the show was already presented to the guests of the presentation of the new album, which took place in Moscow on the birthday of the singer.

"Everything Lena touches - whether it's a song, a show, a clip, it does not matter - everything is top. Personally, the album seemed to me not even to be relevant, but a little ahead of time. It sounds very trending, swinging and melodic. I'm even afraid to imagine how much time and effort it took to unmask this material, "- Daniel Litvinsky, director of the" Europe Plus "program.

"It's amazing, but Temnikova was able to become the personification of a whole musical direction. I think that now Lena is setting a trend in Russian dance music. TEMNIKOVA III is a whole work with an excellent dance flow, permeated with a sensual mood. My favorites on this album: "Something's wrong", "Not trendy", "I'm fine". I think everyone will find music for themselves and for every mood. Thanks for the fresh, lively and swinging album. I especially recommend for listening in the car on the night drive. "- Denis Serikov, General Producer of the holding company GPM-Radio (Radio ENERGY, Like FM).

To launch the album, a large number of satellite projects were launched: iMessage stickers, TEMNIKOVA AR enlarged reality app for iOS, animating posters, enabling tattooing, listening to tracks and watching clips in augmented reality, and much more. Also the project from the direction of clothing label - temnikova.shop released a collection of clothing and accessories, a book and audiocassette TEMNIKOVA III.

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