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"A Day Without Turnstiles" with Coca-Cola

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"A Day Without Turnstiles" with Coca-Cola

At the Coca-Cola HBC Russia factory in Moscow, there was a "Day without turnstiles"

In the museum "World of Coca Cola" at the company's plant in Moscow, five excursions took place, attended by more than 150 people. The guests of the enterprise got acquainted with the history of the legendary drink and saw with their own eyes the whole process of production, from preparing water to sticking labels and packaging.
The museum at the Coca Cola HBC Russia plant is divided into four thematic zones. The historical zone is stylized as Jacob's pharmacy in Atlanta (USA), where in 1886 Coca Cola was first sold. In the ecological zone, the guests learned about the company's projects in the field of sustainable development, and in the photo zone they took vivid pictures for memory. The pride of the museum is a collection of branded exhibits from around the world, among which there are truly unique bottles and collectible souvenirs.

"Coca-Cola HBC Russia with pleasure joined the action" Day without turnstiles "and this year. We are pleased to introduce our guests to the production technology, as well as to tell interesting facts about the drink and the company. Every year at the plant in Moscow we receive more than 10 000 visitors, and this is only one of the nine museums "The World of Coca-Cola", located throughout Russia from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, "said Svetlana Nesterenko, regional manager for external relations and communications of Coca-Cola HBC Russia.

Free tours at the Coca-Cola HBC Russia factories are held not only in the "Day without Turnstiles". In Moscow and the Moscow region there are three plants of the company, in each of which free excursions are conducted on a regular basis. At the Moscow factory Coca-Cola HBC Russia in Novo-Peredelkino tours are held several times a day - here visitors are introduced to the process of the production of carbonated beverages. At the juice factory in Shchyolkovo, guests are introduced to the subtleties of the production of juices and nectars. At the plant in Istrinsky district in April 2018 the new museum "The World of Coca-Cola" opened its doors - here tourists can learn about the production of drinking water and cold tea. Register for a free tour to anyone can on the company's website.

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