Signal for all -

Signal for all

The transition to digital broadcasting will be as smooth as possible for viewers.

Signal for all

By the end of the year, 98.5 percent of Russians will be able to digitally receive 20 free TV channels. Such a New Year's gift promises to citizens of the Ministry of Communications. From February of next year, the phased disconnection of the analogue television signal will begin. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged members of the government to do everything possible to ensure that the transition to the new format went smoothly, without unnecessary bureaucracy and without abuse by those who want to warm their hands on selling digital equipment.
Willingness of the country to complete the transition to the "figure" was the main theme of the meeting of the Cabinet. “From January next year, we are probably completing the world's largest television digitalization project, the vast majority of our citizens are already watching a television program in digital format,” Dmitry Medvedev began the topic. “As a result of the complete transition to the“ figure ”, the image quality will become high, modern in all households, we have, according to statistics, 56 million,” he added.

The topic did not arise today; the start of the process was given almost ten years ago, the prime minister recalled. During this time, the infrastructure for digital television was created, as a result, citizens will have the opportunity by the end of this year to watch 20 free channels in digital quality instead of three or four analog ones.
"In Russia already 98.5% of the population can receive a digital signal"

According to the Ministry of Communications, the network of terrestrial digital broadcasting has 5028 objects. This is the largest television digitalization project in the world, the head of department Konstantin Noskov confirmed. During the meeting, he noted that in other countries the decision to turn off analog broadcasting was made by covering with a “figure” about 70-80% of the territory, while in Russia, 98.5% of the population can now receive a digital signal.

An unprecedented work has been done to ensure such indicators, told Andrei Romanchenko, Director General of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network, to journalists. According to him, most of the transmitters were installed in Transbaikalia - 265. "If we connect them along the line with Chita, it turns out 70 thousand kilometers. At each facility, our groups had to go 15 times to control. We get a figure of over a million kilometers, this is to the Moon , back and again to the moon. And this is only the Trans-Baikal Territory, "he cited an example.
Thus, until the end of the year, the entire territory of the country will be covered with a terrestrial digital signal. "The whole country will be connected by the end of this year. By the New Year, all residents of our country will receive this gift, everyone will watch 20 TV channels in digital quality for free," Noskov assured.

“The final transition to digital format will be phased, it begins in February of next year, will last half a year,” Dmitry Medvedev said. "It will be necessary to determine the stages of transition, the order of those regions where digital television will be launched in full, in test mode," he added.

Konstantin Noskov believes that turning off the analog signal will go into three stages, the regions will go completely to the figure as soon as they are ready. The final decision will be made by the government broadcasting commission. "The last stage of shutdown will occur in early June next year," he said.
“The transition from the analog signal to the digital should go as smoothly for our viewers,” Medvedev stressed. "It is necessary to observe the schedule that will be developed, it is important that the issues that people will address are resolved without delay. And here the main responsibility, of course, lies with the regional authorities," the head of the Cabinet added.

A separate question is the connection to the digital signal of those Russians who live in areas not covered by the digital signal. This is about one and a half percent of the population, or about 800 thousand households. They can only rely on satellite TV. According to Andrei Romanchenko, it is not only about the "North", such areas are fairly evenly distributed throughout the country. "We have 11 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, where one hundred percent coverage is terrestrial broadcasting, there are regions where 96-97% are covered," he said, explaining that the degree of signal penetration depends on the terrain, object size, distances, population density.
To achieve full coverage in such places is unprofitable, continued Konstantin Noskov. Nevertheless, the state will provide free access to two multiplexes. According to the head of the Ministry of Communications, some of these viewers have already acquired plates and receivers, but pay a monthly fee. After switching to the “digit”, viewing of 20 main channels will become free, such an agreement has already been reached with satellite communication operators. Save can those who have to buy satellite dishes. "We have agreed with the largest satellite television operators, all of them developed a special offer for our citizens living in areas outside the digital reception: it includes an approximately 30% discount on the antenna and a set of receiving equipment. This is approximately 4,500 rubles," said Noskov .

Dmitry Medvedev also instructed to protect the interests of those viewers who do not yet have modern televisions capable of receiving a digital signal. "These citizens also cannot be left without television; one must also compensate citizens for the purchase of consoles. This procedure should be simple," he said. “Outside the coverage of the figure, not a single house should be left,” the prime minister stressed.
"Out of the coverage area of ​​the figure" not a single house should remain "

In some regions, the authorities have already begun to help citizens acquire the necessary equipment. For example, in the Tver region, which plans to completely switch to the “number” in early December, compensation payments to happy owners of new television receivers and attachments are in full swing. “We are paying attention to supporting low-income citizens,” Governor Igor Rudenya informed. “We made a decision to reimburse residents with a low income level to purchase equipment for connecting to digital broadcasting, and we have already started paying.” According to him, the procedure is very simple: in order to receive compensation in the amount of one thousand rubles for the applicant, it is necessary to provide a certificate of income, a certificate of family composition and a receipt for the purchase of equipment.

Sales of modern TVs and consoles are growing in connection with the upcoming transition to the "digit". In this situation, it is necessary to make sure that there is no shortage and artificial price increase, Dmitry Medvedev is sure. “I draw the attention of colleagues who should provide monitoring, this is the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in accordance with the protocol decision, the antimonopoly service. I mean the prices for user equipment for receiving digital television so that there are no manipulations with this,” he said. “And in general, so that trade organizations ensure the availability of appropriate types of equipment, look at prices,” the premier added.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

16.11.2018 08:09:27
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Signal for all

The transition to digital broadcasting will be as smooth as possible for viewers.


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